Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free eBooks

Instead of another library trip, check-out eBooks online, free!
You've heard the saying "nothing in life is free," right?  While generally true, there is one thing that is *almost* free, and that's your local library.  Too obvious?  What many people don't know is that most libraries offer free eBooks!  More and more people are being environmentally friendly and reading books online, or through their computer, iPad or Kindle.  And, while the retailers of these devices love it when you purchase eBooks through their sites, you can actually obtain a number of library books on "loan" through your local library's Overdrive app on your PC, Apple or Android device.  You simply open the Overdrive app, select your local library, enter in your library card number, and borrow books for up to 21 days at a time.  No returning the book to the library (it gets automatically deleted from your device), no more overage or lost book charges, it's a wonderful thing, and *almost* free (thanks to tax dollars)!

I personally find this useful for downloading travel books.  Unlike traditional guides, they takes up no extra room in your luggage, and best of all won't clutter your shelf once you've returned from you trip! 

If you've read all the books at your local library, here are a few other links to free eBooks:

Amazon eBooks
Google eBooks
Project Gutenberg


  1. Libraries are wonderful for so many reasons! I also read the magazines Budget Travel as well as Travel & Leisure at my library!

  2. Thanks for the idea. For some reason I never actually thought of my library as a place to get travel guides, and reading your article, I`m realizing I was wrong :)

    I`d like to add to the list with free ebooks though. I use to download free travel guides and even some of my college textbooks for free. I think it`s worth checking out along with the ones you listed.

  3. Nice to see someone else that still appreciates the value of the library. I use overdrive regularly to "check out" free ebooks from my local library. It's great for everything from fiction to travel guides.