Sunday, September 16, 2012

How I got cashmere below cotton prices at Jcrew

Below is a guest post from a friend about getting online deals in store!  Great tips:

News flash: Online sales are not always posted in store!

I recently went to Jcrew and perused the sale section. I found an unbelievably soft, peach colored cashmere cardigan on sale for $99.99 ($178.00 original price) and thought, score!  When I went to check out, the kind lady gave me not only my student discount (15% off - bring your IDs!) but she also gave me an additional 30% off  because there was an online sale. Note this was a sale on top of a current sale (which was not advertised in the store).

If the lovely Jcrew lady hadn't say anything, I would've walked out paying $99.99, completely unaware that the exact same cardigan was actually going for around $70 dollars online (or $60 with a student discount)!  While it's likely that the staff know to apply these online deals to purchases made in store, always ask to prevent these online deals from slipping through the cracks while visiting your local Jcrew!

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  1. Great advice!!! Whenever I shop at Macy's, I always ask the clerk if she has an extra coupon I can use. Half the time it works!!!
    -A Penny Pincher