Friday, September 27, 2013

Images of Iceland

In keeping with the theme of the last post, on travel photo tips, here are some images from a recent trip to Iceland! I tried to follow some of the basic rules:

Paying attention to the surroundings:
I captured this Icelandic horse on the uninhabited island of Videy.
This panorama captures a lone man walking on the beach,
putting into perspective the vastness of the ocean and mountains nearby.

Framing the image using the natural surroundings:
The beautiful flowers naturally frame the church.
Here the North American and European tectonic
plates naturally frame the creek below.
Change your perspective:
This image was taken of the Reyjkavik skyline from the water.

Kneeling down, I was able to capture both the waterfall
as well as a rainbow which formed in the mist.

Here I captured the (world's first) geyser in all its glory
by kneeling down and shooting upward.

                        Here are some other Images of Iceland for fun:

Blue Lagoon

Gullfoss = Golden Falls in English

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  1. Good advice and the examples are breathtaking!