Sunday, September 8, 2013

Some things in life really are... Free!

Like getting stuff for free? Who doesn't, right? This post covers websites offering free items, with another post to follow on free-after-rebate specials.

Almost everyone knows about Craigslist, which is a website where people list items for sale locally. But did you know they also have a "free" section? This is a great place to look for furniture and packing materials. Some other websites with free coupons and samples are Yes all 4 free and Dealigg.

In addition, brick and mortar stores' websites often have "free samples" sites, where you can enter your address and have trial size items shipped for you to try! Stores with these offerings include: Walmart and Target. Even better, these items are perfectly sized for travel!

In addition to daily freebies, check out my previous post on how to get free goodies on your birthday!


  1. Great info. I also like the Re-Store that sells leftover Habitat for Humanity things for pennies on the dollar.

  2. You motivated me to Google "free items" and a dozen more listings came up! Thanks!