Saturday, November 9, 2013

$ave on Rental Cars

If you've rented a car before, you know how tough it can be to distinguish between the necessary and unnecessary "extras" they offer. To help you save a few bucks on your next rental, I want to share some things I've learned...

First, contact your own car insurance company (and also the credit card used to rent the car) and ask what your coverage is. Most insurance policies will provide you the same benefits whether you're driving your own car or a rental. But, as I was told from my insurance company, they often don't cover loss of use, diminution of value, or administrative fees. Therefore, when you're asked whether you want extra insurance, the collision damage waiver (CDW) (aka loss damage waiver (LDW)) might be worth checking into, but likely you don't need the supplemental liability insurance (SLI), because you likely have enough coverage with your car insurance already. In addition, check out my post on travel insurance policies which sometimes provide this extra coverage at a lower rate than the car companies.

If you're renting a car during peak season from a busy airport, I recommend searching for off-site rentals to save some money.  For example, I've flown through Orlando, Florida, the popular week between Christmas and New Year's and an economy rental car with airport pick-up and return was $500 more than if I picked up the car off-site (short taxi ride away) and returned it to the airport.

In addition to renting from a non-airport location, another way to save money is to check for discount codes before booking the rental.  These can be discovered by simply searching the rental company and "discount code" online.  Visitor bureaus also offer codes, as well as discounts through AAA and Costco.  Never pay full price without checking for coupon codes first!

Hope this helps give you some piece of mind behind the wheel and a bit of extra cash in your pocket.  


  1. Speaking of saving money in Orlando, I recommend the Disney discount card for all sorts of savings!

    1. I (and my friends) love your blog!!!!! It has saved so much money!!!!! Have you considered listing coupon websites for those of us who are watching our pennies? Thank you!!!!!