Friday, January 3, 2014

Packing light - For cold weather!

With winter upon us, I wanted to share some tips I have for packing light, even to cold destinations!  When temperatures reach freezing and below, thicker clothes and larger (closed-toe) shoes are needed. Following a few simple tips, listed below, you can still get away with just a carry-on for a week or longer trip!

1) Since a winter coat doesn't count as one of your carry-ons, make sure to wear it, versus stuffing it into your bag. Also, fill the pockets with your hat, gloves, scarves, etc.

2) With winter shoes taking up a lot more room than summer flip-flops, use the extra space inside the shoe. For example, put your socks inside the shoes. Same goes for shampoo, conditioner, etc.

3) I always wear multiple layers onto the plane - leaving more room in my bag, but also allowing me to remove layers if the cabin temperature changes. Also, wear your largest shoes (or boots), to save room in your carry-on.

4) Space saver bags, as shown below, do wonders!

Enjoy your winter adventures, and stay warm!


  1. Okay, Liz. Good ideas. But how do you deal with wind chill of 50 below at Lambeau Field Sunday?!

    1. Watch indoors;) Thanks for the comment!

  2. Another tip: we females can carry huge purses that handle "extras" such as socks or toiletries. I recently bought one of these enormous purses and received lots of compliments!!! Here is an additional tip: check the weather forecast.

  3. Also, it helps to roll up a pile of clothes--they are less wrinkley when you reach your destination.