Friday, January 17, 2014

Wine Passport Days

Believe it or not, wine is produced in every state in the US. And, many of these wineries have deals on wine tastings. In this post, I want to recommend wine tasting as a "get-away" and more specifically, a local wine tasting deal representative of one of the many opportunities that can be found country-wide.

If you're a local of California or a visitor to the Bay Area, consider buying a "wine passport" and enjoy tastings at many of the California wineries for a great deal!  These passports can be used on specific weekends, and entitle you to free tastings at a large selection of wineries. An added benefit is that some wineries which normally aren't open to the public will be participating in these passport weekends.

Information can be found through the links below:
Santa Cruz Mountains
Santa Clara

Check out your local wineries for a fun and inexpensive local get-away!


  1. Napa Valley used to offer free wine tastings! How much are they nowadays?
    Thanks for the blog.

    1. There are still wineries and events that offer free tastings. But, many wineries charge between $10-$20 per tasting flight in Napa. Sonoma is a little less expensive.

  2. FYI--newer wines in America cannot use the name Champagne, but older wines were grandfathered in.