Saturday, February 22, 2014

Adventure Capital of the World

First commercial Bungee jumping site.
If you're looking for a little adventure, be sure to visit Queenstown, New Zealand. The "Adventure Capital of the World!" Did you know it was here, in 1979, that A J Hackett invented Bungee jumping?  I didn't, until I visited the city with my younger brother, who decided he wanted to take the leap! If the original jump of 141 feet off a suspension bridge over freezing water below isn't a big of enough thrill, there are now even higher options, including a 440 foot drop from a highwire cable car!

Jet boating the Shotover Canyon River
Bungee jumping seem too dangerous?  It did to me!  I instead opted for "jet boating." Our driver was an ex-racecar driver, who speed up to 85kph through the Shotover Canyon river within reach of the canyon's rocks and in water only 10cm deep at times! Turns out this was a much risker activity than the bungee jumping I was so nervous about!  Take home lesson - always research the risk before you choose an activity! Besides these heart racing adventures, Queenstown also offers whitewater rafting, river surfing, and canyon swinging for the adrenaline junkies.

If you have a family, and not everyone wants to participate in these more extreme activities, Queenstown, and New Zealand in general, offer a plethora of other fun adventures.  Some other suggestions include visiting beautiful Milford Sound, "Lord of the Rings" tours of filming locations, snow skiing, hiking, and wine tasting. And, a trip to the top of Queenstown via the Skyline Gondola can't be missed!  Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

Beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand

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  1. Thanks! Your blog makes this American want to go there!