Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Spicy Taste of New Mexico

Following up on last week's post, Jamie, a resident of New Mexico, gives some tips on their "local flavor." Enjoy!

Get some green chile!  The State question is “Red or Green?” If you can’t make up your mind, you can also order any entrée “Christmas” which means your food will be smothered with half green chile sauce and half red chile sauce.  Lately our favorite place has been El Bruno’s for stellar margaritas and New Mexican cuisine.  Have them make guacamole table side or try their amazing chips and queso.  We always get the fiesta platter for 2 because it has a little bit of everything for a really great price and it is more than enough food for 2.  Another fun place to try for chile is El Pinto. It has excellent atmosphere full of patios and chile ristras.  If you want to take some chile home with you, they have a variety of delicious, authentic salsas and green chile that they jar, sell, and even ship. Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to see green chile cheeseburgers on the menu. It is a must try!  Breakfast burritos are also a must.  Golden Pride may not be much on ambiance, but they have the best breakfast burritos in town. #9 is our favorite.  The spiciness of all chile varies greatly, so if you aren’t sure if you can handle the heat, ask for the green chile on the side. It’s a perfect way to taste the local flavor in manageable doses!

Check out Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque!  Specifically, head to Old Town Pizza Parlor for lunch or dinner.  Locally owned, this place has an excellent wait staff and fresh food.  Their salads and calzones are some of my favorites.  They have the best mint iced tea as well as a perfect kids menu. All kids should try the cheese roll. One specialty dish is their green chile pasta alfredo—think huge bowl of hot cheesy goodness with a kick.  Here in New Mexico, we put green chile in almost everything!

Santa Fe   A day trip to Santa Fe (about 1 hour north of Albuquerque) would be well worth your time and money if you have it.  We enjoy taking the Rail Runner to Santa Fe for the day.  You can catch the train downtown in the morning, eat lunch at Tomasita’s in the Rail Yard, walk about 1 mile to explore the Santa Fe Plaza, grab a chocolate treat from Señor Murphy’s Candy Shop, see the famous spiral staircase, and head back to Albuquerque for dinner.  If you are driving, then stay for dinner and eat at the Blue Corn Café.


  1. Thanks!! What is mint ice tea?? I agree that the Blue Corn Café in Santa Fe is excellent.

  2. My favorite parts of Santa Fe are the art galleries. (I've never been to Albuquerque.)