Friday, April 4, 2014

Benefits to Packing Light

A lot has changed in the airline industry over the last decade - including the ease of traveling with luggage. I try very hard to never check a bag, for several reasons: the extra time to check-in (and claim) luggage, the cost ($40+ round-trip), the chance of it being lost, etc. Whether you're packing for a week in Hawaii or two weeks in Iceland, here are some tips to help you pack light, and $ave a little on the journey :) 1)  Get a carry-on that is as large as possible, but still able to fit within the guidelines of airlines' carry-on sizes.  (These can be found on each airlines' website.)                  

2) Lay out everything you want to pack initially, and put at least 10% back. Most people don't wear everything they bring, so if you think ahead, you can save yourself the backache of carrying stuff you don't need. 3) Use space saver bags.  These are inexpensive, reusable, and easily compact all your clothing items.
4) Make sure to use any unused spaces.  Meaning, if you have a pair of tennis shoes, put your socks into the shoes instead of leaving that space empty.5) Always wear on the plane your largest clothing items, and layer. You can easily remove a sweater once your onboard versus fit that same bulky sweater into your bag.6) If I'm traveling internationally and plan on buying gifts, I'll pack an extra bag (small, foldable) into my luggage, and use that to bring back the souvenirs.  This allows you to only have to check your luggage one-way. In addition, if the luggage is lost or delayed on the return portion of your trip, it doesn't matter as much.7) Always use travel-size toiletries.Any more tips for packing light?  Leave suggestions below!
Avoid long lines and bulky luggage - Travel light!


  1. I agree that those space bags are a must!!!

  2. How much do the space bags cost and where do you buy them?

    1. Space bags (or similar) can be found at many stores, including Target, Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond. The ones I've shown here are "Embark" brand from Target, and are approx $20.