Saturday, August 23, 2014

Food Festivals

A fun part of traveling is experincing the local cuisine. Many cities offer local food festivals, which is a great way to try samples of what each region is famous for!  Here are some festivals to check out next time you're in the area! But remember, these are just a small sampling of all the festival the USA has to offer!

New Orleans - Every spring this festival is full of samples from dozens of restaurants. A celebration for your tastebuds! More information at:

View of Chicago from the Ferris Wheel
at "Taste of Chicago!"
Chicago - Personally I like the annual "Taste of Chicago," but this big midwestern city offers many festivals throughout the year, including: Food Truck Rally and Ribfest.

North Carolina - Having experienced North Carolina BBQ myself, I can say it's well worth a trip to this mid-atlantic state. Tryon, NC, holds it's Blue Ridge BBQ Festival.  Check it out!

Maine - Take a guess what type of food festival is held in this state?  It's none other than the tasty Maine Lobster Festival, and has been occurring for more than 65 years! A visit to Maine's coast is spectacular in the summer, especially with some lobster on the menu!

New Mexico - What's a trip to the Southwest without a little spicy foods?  The Hatch Chile Festival is the largest in the state of New Mexico and is held over labor day weekend every year.

California - With a state so large there are many festivals to attend, but since California is known worldwide for it's wine, I think Flavor! Napa Valley Food and Wine Festival is a good representative choice!

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  1. You forgot the Taste of Colorado festival in Civic Center Park in Denver! It's coming up: Aug. 29--Sept.1.