Saturday, October 25, 2014

Missed Connections

If you're stuck at the gate,
here are some things to remember!
If you've ever missed a flight, or had a cancelled flight, you know what a headache it can be! On one international trip, it took me 72 hours (and a hotel and rental car) to finally make it home. There were several important things I learned during the experience, and I'd like to share those to make your unexpected travel interruptions more bearable…

1) Always, always keep extra clothes with you.  (You might say "I don't plan on checking a bag."  But, if the overhead bins are full, you want to make sure to grab extra clothes, just in case you and your bag don't reconnect immediately at your destination.) Make sure to have extra underwear, t-shirt, socks, etc. If you're stuck for days without your luggage in an airport or hotel with no way to do laundry, you'll be thankful for a change of clothes.

Always carry your travel documents,
don't put them in your luggage!
2) Keep all important travel documents (passport, license, phone numbers and addresses) with you.

3) Eat! Most delay/cancellation experiences involve long lines, phone calls, and a general lack of patience.  Don't delay meals.  Whatever your problem, it will still be there in 15 minutes after you grab something to eat.  And, with food in your stomach, you might be better able to handle the situation.

4) If the airline gives your a voucher for a hotel, don't leave the airport without calling to confirm the hotel has available rooms.  After what I'm sure is a tiring experience, you don't want to end up at a hotel with no vacancy. (Happened to me. True story.) If the airline's hotel is booked, get yourself somewhere else to sleep and…

5) Keep all receipts! With a well drafted letter, you can most likely get reimbursed from either the airline, or travel insurance you may have purchased.  (See this previous post on that topic.)

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