Saturday, October 17, 2015

Power of posting reviews!

Even the TSA can now be reviewed on Yelp!
Sometimes bad things happen, even when on vacation. I wanted to highlight one way travelers can "fight back" with large airlines and hotel chains for bad customer service - through reviews. Twitter, Facebook, Trip Advisor and Yelp are being used by so many as they plan trips, and bad reviews can really hurt big business. 

A 5-star hotel with less than glowing reviews will make
people look to 4-star hotels with great reviews! 
Star ratings of hotels now mean less, while real customer reviews carry more weight. As time moves forward, I think we'll see less of the standard star and diamond ratings, and more based strictly on number and type of customer reviews. People are going to care less about a 5-star hotel with mediocre reviews than a 4-star with all positive reviews.

Even the TSA can be reviewed! Through an agreement with Yelp, the TSA can now be reviewed, and suggestions are monitored and taken into account for making improvements. Personally, I had one remarkably bad experience at SFO with an extremely unprofessional TSA agent. I wrote down the checkpoint number and person's name, knowing I was going to report it later. Keeping these specific details are key to any complaint or review. Instead of going public, I wrote a letter to the TSA itself, which passed the information on to the local airport, from which someone did reach out to make sure the individual was disciplined. 

Traveling is supposed to be a wonderful experience. When people (or places) ruin that, make sure to spread the word. Whether it be directly with the company or through social media. They have to listen, especially with everyone watching!

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