Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tips From a Local - Boston

Beth, the author of this post,
lived in and loves Boston!
As a military brat, I’ve lived all over the US and Europe, but hands down one of my favorite cities that I lived in was (and still is!) Boston.

What to see and do:
The best part about a visit to Boston is that a lot of the best things to see are free. Many of them are oh-so-conveniently located on the Freedom Trail, a 2.5 mile walk through the heart of Boston that hits 16 key historical sites from the Revolutionary War Era.  Must see sites along the trail include the Old South Meeting House, North Church, Faneuil Hall (where you can do some shopping), Boston Common, and the Paul Revere house. Walk the Trail, stop for some Chowdah and beer, and embrace the history!

If you’re looking for something less like a history lesson, visit Cheers! (yes, that Cheers!).  There is one near Boston Common, and one in Faneuil Hall (the Boston Common one is more authentic). Catch a ball game at Fenway park (standing room spots are often available on the Green Monster) and be sure to cheer on the Red Sox!  Wander around Cambridge and take a stroll through Harvard Yard.  Hop on the commuter rail to visit Walden Pond, the Little Women house, John Adam’s house, or the JFK library (am I getting too historical again? Sorry, there’s just too much to ignore!).  Some folks take duck tours, but if you’re up for it, I prefer to stroll around the city rather than be driven around it.

Where to shop:
Everywhere. There are shops at Faneuil Hall, a beautiful mall under the Prudential Center, and if the weather is nice, take a stroll down Newbury street, a beautiful tree-lined shopping district full of posh shops and fun eateries. Massachusetts does not have sales tax except on luxury items, so leave some extra room in your suitcases to bring things home!

Where to eat:
A visit to Boston is not complete without eating Italian food in the North End.  Be sure to stop at Mike’s Pastries for some Cannoli. To try some famous Boston Clam Chowder, check out Legal Seafoods (multiple locations). And if you’re feeling posh, have a drink at Top of the Hub, a restaurant with amazing views at the top of the Prudential Center.

What to bring:
Your walkin’ shoes.  While Boston has excellent public transit, the City is best seen on foot.  Best times to visit are Spring and Fall, but be prepared with an umbrella, and bring layers.  Boston is one of those cities where the maxim “If you don’t like the weather, wait a second” holds true.


  1. I was surprised how geographically cozy Boston is! I loved walking that one area with the quaint homes--Benny Hill or something. Sorry--it's been 7 years.

  2. Love this post--and I love Boston. Though I don't love the traffic.