Saturday, November 17, 2012

$ave with Online Coupon Codes

Whenever I make a big purchase online, or book travel (airfare, car rental, cruise, hotel, train tickets, shuttle tickets, etc.), I always check to see if there are any coupon or discount codes available online which will save money!  Some of the websites I've used previously are:

Retail Me Not - My favorite website
for money saving coupon codes

Retail Me Not (my favorite)
Coupon Cabin
Fat Wallet

These sites are typically hard to browse, but more user friendly if you're looking for a specific product or company discount.  Another method is to Google search whatever product or company you're interested in and add the phrase "coupon code" or "discount code."  Then, enter the codes you find into the company's website when you are buying the product and you'll be saving money in no time!  (Oh, and don't worry whether the offer you found is "valid," the retailer's website will let you know if the discount is no longer available.)  Sometimes it is even worth entering in multiple codes to find the best deal.  $ave away!

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  1. Nice "voice" Liz! I'll definitely use Retail Me Not. Thanks for the info.