Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best Travel Apps

There are so many useful apps for planning travel and saving time and money along the way.  In this post,  I want to focus on several free apps that can hopefully help you plan your next trip and $ave in the process!

Kayak - Great tool to compare pricing and itineraries between multiple airlines at once (except Southwest, check them separately).  I personally use this to find the best flight, but always book through the airline's website itself.  A lot of airlines will give you bonus frequent flyer miles if you book on their website directly.

Seat Guru - This app comes in handy when booking international flights, where your seat really matters.  You simply enter in the airline and plane type, and it will tell you the pluses and minuses of each seat.  Some tips include whether your seat has a power port, limited recline, how close to the lavatory, galley, etc.

Tripit - Useful for frequent travelers.  This app combines data from airline flights, hotel reservations and car rentals, into one easy to find, day-by-day itinerary.  And, after setting up an account, you simply forward your travel confirmation emails and all the information gets imputed automatically.   

Weather Channel - One of the best weather apps I've found.  It keeps track of multiple cities, and gives hour-by-hour as well as day-by-day forecasts.  Simply imput your destination cities as a favorite and you'll know what to pack and wear!

Trip Advisor - Like the website of the same name, this app has complied a monumental amount of information on destinations around the world.  From the app itself, you can book a hotel, find a place to eat, something to do, and best of all, there are reviews from other travelers so you know what to expect!

Cruise Critic - While not available as an app yet, the website provides a lot of information for people taking a cruise.  Ship and port descriptions,  cruise reviews, and message boards to plan shore excursions or airport transfers with others on your same cruise.  This can really save you money.  I highly recommend this site for anyone taking a cruise!


  1. Thank you for the help. This information is being bookmarked!

  2. Great info!!! Do you have prices on these apps?

    1. All the apps in this post are free. Some travel apps do charge, but I selected some free ones here!