Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tobogganing and Hiking in Switzerland

Daniela, the author of this post,
 recommends tobogganing in Switzerland.
In this post, Daniela, a Swiss native, details some wonderful ways to explore Switzerland - tobogganing and hiking!  Both of these activities are inexpensive ways to see the country and will leave you with unforgettable memories and amazing stories to tell your friends!

General Travel Information
Public transportation in Switzerland is amazing, so there is no need to rent a car, even when traveling to remote regions in the mountains. It is possible to enjoy beautiful alpine vistas without hiking, since many destinations can be reached by cable cars, buses or trains. There are special routes served by trains with panoramic views that you could consider taking if you want to see the alps without spending a lot of time for hiking, such as the Glacier Express, Bernina Express or train to Jungfrau. However, the more effort and time you spend on hiking, the further away from the crowds you get and the better you can appreciate the beauty of the mountains. You can take advantage of the public transportation system by doing one-way hikes, no need for round-trips to get back to your car. Finally, if you are traveling near a lake, consider taking a boat, which may not be the fastest, but definitely a scenic way to get around.

Faulhorn Hike and Tobogganing
Tobogganing is a great alternative to skiing if you want to enjoy some fun winter sports in the Swiss Alps. Toboggans can be rented, so you only need to bring your winter clothes (waterproof shoes and pants). Here are some recommendations throughout Switzerland, some offering tobogganing by night, with special schedules for public transportation.

Rigi – great panoramic views of Swiss flat land, lakes and the Alps. Views are particularly nice to enjoy some sun while a sea of fog is covering the flat land, with only the mountains peeking out. Call ahead to make sure there is enough snow!

Faulhorn – winter hike and extra long toboggan run with spectacular views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Make sure beforehand that Faulhorn is accessible and make this your first choice, because other options in the area pale in comparison with the experience at Faulhorn. 

Bergün – amazing toboggan run in the Grischun part of Switzerland. This is an amazing option in a more remote, mountainous and very beautiful part of Switzerland.


Aletsch Glacier Hike 
Gemmipass Hike
The Swiss tourism webpage has a hiking section which lets you plan your hikes according to region, time you want to spend hiking, and difficulty. If you want to do multi-day trips to more remote areas, consider making a reservation at a hut of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC).  It’s a beautiful and inexpensive way to see Switzerland! 

Here are a few examples of great day trips to get you started, but there are many more amazing destinations to explore as well! 

Central Switzerland: Four lakes hike in beautiful prealpine landscape with a view of mountains, such as Titlis.

Wallis: Hike from Bettmerhorn to Fiescheralp with amazing views on the Aletsch glacier.

Jura: See an imposing rock arena and have a fondue at a rustic farm at Creux du Van. This region (Val de Travers) is also known for producing Absinthe.

Wallis to Berne: It looks like you will have to climb, but yes, there is a trail leading up to the Gemmipass. In Leukerbad, relax in the thermal baths while enjoying mountain views.


  1. I never realized that toboganning was so popular in Switzerland. Sounds great and I can't wait to go there!!!