Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dine out ~ for less!

Living in California, socializing and eating out come with the territory, but it also adds up!  While the good food and company are well worth the cost, here are some money saving tips for ways to save a few bucks on your next evening out!
*This is a website where you can get gift certificates for a minimal cost.
*Pay attention to the dates and times certificates can be used and when they expire.
*Check for the minimum you have to spend to use the certificate.

*These are websites with deals on food and activities, often 50% off.
*Typically you have to plan ahead to use deals from these sites, but often they have same day food deals.

*It's nice to check reviews of a place before going, saving you from a bad meal.
*Checking-in at a restaurant through Yelp will commonly save you a percent off your meal or even get you a free drink.

Sushi dinner in San Francisco
Many cities have annual dining events, with prix fixe menus at a steep discount from what the selected restaurants normally charge.  The key with these events is to keep an eye on when they are happening, and get a reservation in advance! It's a great opportunity to check out new (expensive) restaurants for a fraction of the cost! OpenTable has a list of "restaurant weeks" throughout the country.  Or, if you're in the bay area, both San Francisco and San Jose have these annual events! Bon Appetit!


  1. I find that lunches are more reasonable than dinners, and early-bird dinners are the best deal. Thanks!

    1. Good advice. Lunch is a great compromise between wanting to eat out and spending a reasonable amount.