Saturday, October 12, 2013

It doesn't get cheaper than free!

Many products are available
for free after rebate!
Besides online, which I discussed in a previous post, most pharmacies and superstores will offer items that are free after rebate. Typically shampoos, conditioners and lotions will be offered for free, just look for a small form on the item itself with mail-in-rebate details or within the store's weekly circular.

If you want to find these items before going to the store, search on Freebie Depot using the store name, such as CVS. A whole list of free items will appear! Even popular online retailers, such as Amazon, offer "Free-bates" (commonly for software).

Why pay if you can get it for free?


  1. I wasn't aware of this; thank you for this blog.

  2. Good blog!!! How about a blog on Travel Light 101(?) These extra charges for baggage really add up!!!