Saturday, April 19, 2014

Save money by skipping eating out

Local Markets, like this one in Lativa, are a
fun and inexpensive way to enjoy local foods!
There is one way to save money that is pretty universal... Cutting down on the number of meals out.  This can be applied while at home or away traveling. A lot of people buy lunch at work everyday, spending at least $10 per meal.  Over the course of a month, that adds up to $200!  (And, this is a conservative estimate!)  Bringing lunch doesn't have to involve a big time commitment.  Places like Trader Joe's offer ready made and relatively healthy meals at around half the price of eating out.  If you can't commit to bringing lunch everyday, even small steps, like skipping the $2 soda adds up.

Local groceries, like this picture from Norway,
are a fun way to learn about local cuisine!
While traveling, I tend to eat at least breakfast "in," whether that be choosing a hotel that offers free breakfast, booking a vacation rental with a kitchen, or bringing along power bars in my luggage. Of course, I think part of the fun of traveling is experiencing new cuisine, but I don't think it's necessary three times a day over the course of a week (or more)! In addition, some of my fondest travel adventures include packing a lunch from a local grocery (which in itself can be an adventure) and finding a park or beach to enjoy a picnic!  A lot less expensive than a restaurant, and a real authentic experience.

Save money for a special meal out, like we
did at this Pectopah in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Hope these simple tips can $ave you some money at home and abroad... it adds up!
Making your own meal, and having a picnic, is both inexpensive
and an amazing experience, as we did in Sweden.

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  1. Similar to the power bars are the "Meal" bars from brands like South Beach. I love their chocolate/peanut butter bar, and it's only 170 calories!