Saturday, May 10, 2014

How do bloggers make money?

Online travel blogs are a great way to gather travel ideas and information. One question I always had reading these was: “That seems like such a cool job, how does someone do that?” While I have not even come close to the readership these professional have amassed over time, I thought I’d address the question of revenue generation from a blog.  (Since this blog is about money-saving travel tips, it seems to fit!) Hopefully it will help some of you who have small blogs you keep as a hobby to monetize or help anyone interested in setting up a new blog!

How do professional (travel) bloggers make their blogs financially worthwhile?  From my research it seems there are a few general ways, which include:

1) Sponsorships
2) Paid trips/reviews
3) Self-written eBook sales
4) You, the reader.

From me, you ask?  How? Well, as you might’ve already noticed my website (and most others) have ads.  As readers click on ads they’re interested in, the website generates revenue, just for the click! The most important factors are dependent on the blog’s content and quality ads the audience wants to check out. It’s a useful tool for professionals, and people like me who just enjoy blogging, the revenue that it can generate is a nice perk!  If you already have a blog and want to add ads, or are new to the process, it is a service provided directly through Google called Adsense.  Keep blogging and hope you make a little money along the way!

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  1. Another way travel writers can make money is through magazine articles.