Friday, May 16, 2014

America the Beautiful

With Memorial Day approaching, and summer on its heels, many people will be taking trips within the USA this year.  I thought with the unofficial start of summer upon us, it would be fun to show some photography of my travels across this amazing country!

Golden Gate Bridge, California.

4th of July fireworks over Pretty Lake, Indiana.

Stowe, Vermont.

Yosemite, California.

Seattle, Washington.

NYC, New York.

Empire State Building, New York.

Miami Beach, Florida.

Big Sur, California.

McWay Falls, California.

Maui, Hawaii.
Pike's Peak, Colorado.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Liz! Of course, I especially liked the Pretty Lake fireworks. I've been to most of these places; I guess Hawaii is on my bucket list. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pics!!! Another great place is Jekyl Island, Georgia!!!

  3. Good blog, but southeast America is more than just Miami Beach!!!