Friday, January 23, 2015

SkyMall ~ In-flight entertainment

Previously I had written a draft of an article entitled "What not to buy from airline magazines." Apparently I was on to something, because it was announced today that SkyMall is declaring bankruptcy. With that news, I thought it relevant to share some of the goofy items I've come across in the magazine.

A purse that looks like an eyeball and "winks" while you walk… Worth $39?  

"Porch Potty" for $279…
Might be better to invest in housebreaking classes.

My favorite - A $2,995 ball pit.
I suggest saving a few bucks and just play on the grass.

"MagicShowerhead" that changes colors like at a nightclub for only $59.99.
What a steal!

1 comment:

  1. My thought used to be, "Oh, what an interesting item!" Then I'd come back to reality when I saw the price.