Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Smart" travel accessories

Travel is becoming more and more high tech. Everyone seems to have a kindle or iPad to keep themselves entertained. Smartphones to stay connected. And, noise-cancelling headphones to maintain peace. But, here are some new accessories bound to catch on soon…

Bluesmart is a tech savvy piece of luggage.
Wearable Technology - Though I live in Silicon Valley, I don't have the scoop on Apple's latest product. Rather, based on well established rumors, and some non-Apple items already on the market, a smart watch is likely just around the corner. Ready to change our lives (and travel) in ways we haven't yet imagined!

Luggage GPS - A company called Bluesmart offers luggage with built-in GPS. It can weigh itself and allows you to locate it, lock and unlock it, all from your smartphone. Don't worry about losing your luggage again (just don't lose your phone)!

Hush offers earplugs that will allow only important noises through.
Smart Earplugs - A company called Hush has developed the world's first "smart" earplugs. It will block outside noise, but will allow important noises (such as an alarm, phone call) through.

Ultra-slim portable charger and battery adapters - With all this new technology, there had better be a way to power it! While external batteries have been on the market a while, they are becoming more light weight and having a solar power option is great!

Hotels are starting to use cell phones to replace room keys!
Cell Phones & Hotels - Select hotels (such as Hilton and Starwood) already let customers check-in through their phones. Some are even starting to offer "mobile keys," where your cell phone will serve as your room key.

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