Friday, April 17, 2015


Museums and Aquariums are often quieter on weekdays,
and a good activity for a daycation!
You've heard of vacations, likely also staycations, but what about daycations? A friend introduced me to this term a while back, and it sounds like a great idea. Not everyone has enough vacation time (or money in the bank) for a trip every time you need a breather. Hence, the daycation. It's the perfect opportunity to take a break and relax, but just for a short period of time. Hopefully allowing you to come back to work a little more refreshed than after a normal two day weekend. 

Personally, I recommend taking your day off on a Monday or Friday, making for a nice three day weekend. If you decide to plan an activity, workdays are a great time to visit otherwise busy tourist spots, such as museums, beaches, and wineries. As Americans we don't use up all of our vacation time anyway, so why not treat yourself to a daycation and come back to work relaxed!

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  1. Great idea. Another good day for a daycation is a Thursday!!!