Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stay Connected Abroad

With the world so connected, there's no reason you can't stay in touch, even if you're far away. I've been a Tmobile customer for almost 15 years, and am very pleased with a new service they offer, free with most plans… Unlimited text and data in 200 countries, as well as phone calls for only $0.20/minute.  I'm not getting anything from Tmobile for telling you this, but genuinely feel this is a great service they provide! I've checked train times in Spain, sent emails from Portugal, and posted pictures to Facebook from Australia, all for free from my cell phone. If you're an avid traveler, and don't use Tmobile, consider checking them out!

Thanks to free data internationally with Tmobile,
I was able to post this picture online during a trip to the Caribbean.


  1. Do any of the other carriers do this?

  2. Sprint has an international data plan, but it's only good in 15 countries. (Tmobile offers it in over 120!) AT&T offers an add-on package that is good for 30 days and starts at $30. Verizon has a similar add-on package starting at $15, but with limits on the quantity of text and data.

  3. Good to know. I'm a Verizon customer. Many thanks.