Friday, May 15, 2015

Create your own holiday!

I credit a friend with this suggestion… Pick a random date and make it your own holiday. Why? Because vacations around standard holidays are always so expensive! Airfare and hotel prices can easily double when everyone else is off work too. And, there's just that, everyone else is also traveling, making places insanely crowded!

Things to keep in mind when you pick your holiday's date:

1) Pick a time when the weather is ok wherever you like to travel. Shoulder season (April-May, September-October) is often great price-wise as well as weather-wise.

2) Pick a time when children are in school. This tends to go along with less crowds and lower prices.  (It also makes it easier if you aren't taking the kids along on your trip. Easier for relatives / babysitters to watch the kids while they are in their school routine.)

3) Avoid natural disaster times... If you love the Caribbean, don't travel during hurricane season (June-November)! If you love the national parks of the dessert Southwest, avoid the dangerous heat of the summer, etc.

4) If you like cruising, avoid the summer months. All destinations are in "peak season" since families tend to travel during this time. Typically the first few and last few cruises offered for any particular destination are the best deals.

Waikiki over Christmas is crazy!

Taking a trip to Oahu off-peak is peaceful!

Maui is another crowded island over the holidays.

Pick your own holiday wisely and the island is practically all yours!

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