Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Travel on any budget!

Getting back to the main reason for this blog… Here are some suggestions to save you money while you travel!

One of the best meals some friends and I had in
Portugal, was at this small restaurant
at the recommendation of a local.
- Early morning and late evening flights tend to be cheapest.
- Stay in a business hotel (CBD) over the weekend. When the businessmen leave, so do the high prices.
- Visit places outside of peak season: Ski resorts in the summer, Beach resorts in the spring/fall, etc. Shoulder season can save you a lot, while still offering nice weather.
- Hostels aren't just for college kids. Some even offer senior discounts and private rooms/bathrooms. (Check out HostelWorld for rates and reviews!)
- Eat away from the tourist area of town. Ask a locals working at your hotel or coffee cafe what they recommend! Bound to get local flavor that way.
- Shop for souvenirs and snacks at a grocery store. You'll find local delicacies at a great price!
- Don't overtip! Believe me, I think a good tip for a job well done is nice, but see my separate post about appropriate tipping depending on the country.

Amazing price and amazing view from our hostel in Lisbon!

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