Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eating Abroad

A huge expense while traveling is eating out. There are multiple things you can do to $ave money in this regard, but still enjoy the local cuisine.

A fancy lunch versus dinner,
like this one in Russia, is a cost-saver!
  • Eat a nice lunch versus fancy dinner. Stop by a cafe or casual restaurant for dinner.
  • Local grocery stores offer great sandwiches, meats, and fruits, for a much more reasonable price than a local cafe. Also, I often buy cookies, jams, etc. from grocery stores to bring back for friends. Cost-effective, and also sure to be an authentic treat!
  • Share appetizers/dessert (or forego these altogether). Take a stroll and get an ice cream instead of ordering at a restaurant. Typically a cheaper choice, and a fun after dinner activity.
  • Buy wine to indulge in before or after dinner instead of at a restaurant. Alcohol can often can be consumed in a local park or outdoors in other countries.
  • Pack snacks in your luggage from home… Granola bars, peanut butter crackers, etc. Nothing is worse than traveling hungry! 
  • Book a place with a kitchen/fridge to make meals.
  • When considering hotels, consider ones with breakfast included.

Pick up food for a picnic at a farmer's market
Local groceries offer regional delicacies
you can't find elsewhere!

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  1. The chocolate treats in Europe groceries and bakeries are to die for!