Thursday, August 6, 2015

Travel on any budget, continued!

Following up on a previous post, here are some additional suggestions for ways to travel on the cheap...

Museums, like this one,
The Hermitage in Russia,
have free admission days.
- Most museums offer "free days," plan on visiting those days. Even the most famous museums offer this - The Vatican and Louvre!

- Use public transit. Taking taxis in an unfamiliar place can be tempting, but local trains and buses will be cheaper and give you a more "real" experience. Also, consider daily and weekly passes for longer visits.

- Never forget to ask about discounts… Students, Teachers, Seniors, etc.

- Booking hotels and rental cars at a non-refundable rate can save you a lot. If you're worried about canceling, put some of that saved money toward travel insurance to cover your whole trip! (Check out my previous post about travel insurance here.)

- Instead of booking hotels only, also check out alternative options such as vacation rental by owner ( and Airbnb.
Don't forget to ask for discounts: Student, Teacher, Senior, etc.


  1. Two good travel insurance companies are Allianz and Travel Guard. I was just talking to someone who was hospitalized in the Phillipines, Manila actually. She had Dengue fever and it cost the family $300K because she didn't have travel insurance. OMG.

  2. I agree with the person above. In some countries they insist on "cash." Another good travel insurance, besides the two above, is Roam Right.

  3. I had a very good experience with AirBnB.

  4. I agree with these two comments. Once I rented a car and bought the minimum insurance which was about $9 per day. It got rid of the deductible which was $1000. I'm glad I did because I somehow had a tiny dent/scratch.