Friday, August 28, 2015


When traveling internationally, it's important to keep a hard copy of all documents with you.  People often store these things in their email or on their phones, which is great, but if your phone gets stolen or you're somewhere without reliable internet, having a paper copy of your documents can be a lifesaver! (Also, with email security settings, if you check your email on a new computer abroad, you might be required to enter in a code sent via. a text to your phone. That won't work if your phone is lost/stolen, you don't get service, or it's out of juice!)

What documents should you keep a paper copy of?
  • Passport - Make sure it doesn't expire within 6 months of travel
  • Visa - Both the credit card type (toll free number), as well as an immigration visa
  • Health Insurance card
  • Important contact information of family
  • Itinerary - Print-out of airline tickets, hotel addresses, maps, directions, etc.
Make sure to keep a copy of all documents safe in your luggage while out and about for the day. Just don't put them in your checked baggage! Nothing would be worse than lost clothes and information!

Safe travels!

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