Friday, September 11, 2015

Americans Abroad

Whether I'm traveling myself, or hear stories from foreign friends, it always makes me cringe when Americans just don't seem to fit in traveling abroad. Not that being unique is a bad thing, but please avoid some of these common mistakes which make us all look like fools…

White tennis shoes and Jeans
=  American Tourist
Blue jeans with white tennis shoes - While comfortable, white tennis shoes and jeans have been the sure sign of being an American Tourist for generations. There are so many different styles of comfortable walking shoes - buy one and take your travel style up a notch!

Athletic workout clothes - In America we wear workout clothes to do almost everything (except actually working out)! My foreign friends have mentioned that it's so weird that Americans do this. Prevent the "lack of style" stigma - dress respectfully when traveling abroad!

Socks with sandals - Travel Faux Pas
Sandals with socks - Either forego the socks or buy a comfortable and trendy pair of walking shoes!

Baseball caps and t-shirts - Ok, don't get me wrong, I think sun protection is important! (Always wear sunscreen and a hat!) But, please take off your hat when indoors.

Loud Americans - There's no surer a way to stand out than loudly announcing it with your voice. Be respectful and keep it down!

What do you notice when traveling abroad that screams American Tourist?


  1. Good blog!! And if the Donald is elected, he'll epitomize the Ugly American!
    BTW, if you want to shout American, wear shirts and hats that say your city/state. Being proud is good but don't be obnoxious--most people believe their country is the best.

  2. Are sandals with new socks okay?
    -An American in Paris