Saturday, January 23, 2016

Climate Change

Climate change is something that affects us all, in one way or another. To get a real feel for how our world is changing, here are some places/ways to witness climate change first-hand.

You can literally see this glacier melting in Iceland.
Solheimajokull Glacier, Iceland

- Glaciers have been melting quickly in recent years. The melting can be seen firsthand and local guides attest to the seriousness of the matter.

Alaska, USA

- Fewer whales off the coast of Alaska are thought to be due to warmer than normal ocean temperatures. This state is warming 5x faster than the rest of the planet according to some reports!

- In addition, when wildfires occur in Alaska, the permafrost (insulating top layer of earth) is burned away, the greenhouse gases within can easily get into the atmosphere. - Ryan Koronowski.
This lake in California is at record low water levels.
Venice, Italy, has been flooding more in recent years.
(Photo by Daily Mail Online.)

California, USA 

- Extreme Drought has caused concerns over the water supply and also increased risk of wildfires.

Montana, USA. 

- It is thought all glaciers in Glacier National Park might melt by 2020.

Venice, Italy

- Venice is flooding. Faster than normal. In 1900, St.Marks Square only flooded seven times, while it flooded 99 times in the year 1996!

The Great Barrier Reef

- Coral is dying which results in the death of the tropical fish living there!

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  1. A scientist told me that some parts of the world will be colder, some will be warmer, and the areas that have consistent temps will see droughts or floods!