Saturday, March 19, 2016

$ave on Cruise Fares

Before you book your next cruise, check out these tips to save hundreds off your fare!

Costco Travel

-Costco offers similar incentives as other travel websites (free beverage packages, discount deposits, etc.). And...
-They'll also match the price you receive from the cruise line (if it's cheaper than Costco's price), but make sure to get a quote number from the cruise line to reference! But not just that...
-They typically also offer onboard credit in addition to any other deals and discounts. This is where the real savings comes!

This cruise line is stingy on offering deals. But, there are still ways to save on a Carnival cruise:
-Orbitz offers onboard credit for Carnival cruises, but charges a $25 booking fee. Typically the savings make the $25 fee worth it.
-Check fares yourself frequently, and call to get a price adjustment if the price changes after you book!

Additional ways to $ave
-If you live by a cruise port, travel agents can alert you when an upcoming cruise has deals on unsold cabins.
-If you aren't set on a particular destination, waiting until the last minute can save you a bunch! But, be careful on airfare prices for last minute flights!
-Book onboard a cruise for a future cruise. I haven't done this myself, and think you can likely get cheaper prices using the other tips I've outlined, but some discount is better than none!

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