Saturday, March 26, 2016

Benefits of a golf vacation (even for the non-golfer)!

For anyone who plays golf, or appreciates the sport, they know that vacations to golf resorts are bound to result in several fun rounds. But, a golf vacation can even be fun for those who don't play. Confused? The nice thing about golf courses is they tend to be in beautiful locations and in warm weather climates.  This means if you pick a destination that is popular with golfers, you'll likely end up somewhere warm year round with landscapes that anyone can can enjoy! Also, since a round of golf only takes an afternoon, many of these golf resorts also offer other activities, such as: pools, spas, entertainment, world class restaurants, etc.

Here are some examples of beautiful golf destinations I've visited (and not played):

Kauai, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii

Southampton, Bermuda
Half Moon Bay, California

Pebble Beach, California

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